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Happy Birthday Ayce Systems, celebrating 20 years

Ayce Systems celebrating 20 years!

1994 was the year that our founder and managing director, Ron Rae, was first introduced to what was essentially cosmetic car care, i.e. smart repairs. This introduction took the form of him buying a franchise from a smart repair company located in his local town of Ilkley. At the time Ron was running a completely different business, so he persuaded his son, then later his stepson to get involved in the smart repair business, initially covering a large area of West Yorkshire, working for local dealers and a Leeds based auction house.

This started reasonably well for the two mobile operators; however within 6 months the franchise company went into liquidation leaving Ron and his business with a major problem, i.e. where to source consumable products, which at the time were cloaked in secrecy and mystery. No one really knew what were in the products at the time, especially the paints and solvents. The only other company involved at the time were a competitor franchise company with no interest in supplying consumable products without buying their franchise.

The answer to the problem was that Ron bought all the stock from the liquidator of the company and also bought all the formulations for the product from the industrial chemist, who had been employed by the company to manufacture the solvents and lacquers and the all important paint additive used in the original stonechip repairs.

The next obvious step was to begin marketing their own products and start supplying them to the growing smart repair market.

That was 20 years ago, since those early days much has changed, the introduction of waterborne legislation in 2007 led to a drop off in sales of solvent based products. But that was quickly superseded by the introduction of alloy wheel refurbishment.

With this new market, Ayce Systems were at the forefront of alloy wheel technology, Ayce introduced the alloy wheel polishing and grinding machine the "WheelRite", followed by successive innovative wheel repair products including 2 minute UV cured lacquers and primers, UV curing ovens for both mobile and static locations, air filtration systems including, wheel spray booths, mobile spray booths, spraywall paint extraction units and the "BreatheRite" range of LEV mobile filtration units.

All the original repair products are still very popular, including dent repairs, windscreen repairs, leather & vinyl repairs and upholstery repairs and plastic bumpers etc, all of these continue to be the bread and butter of our considerable range of consumable products which we sell, not only in the UK, but in numerous countries around the world.

One of the most exciting products that we have taken on recently in an exclusive agreement with a German manufacturer is the "SprayMax" range of aerosol products. The SprayMax repair system is a complete repair in an aerosol, including waterbased paints, two pack lacquers, a complete range of primers and its own mixing scheme and aerosol canning machine. A whole smart repair in a can; no need for spray guns, compressors, airlines and absolutely no wasted times in cleaning up after you have finished.

As we said earlier, a lot has changed in 20 years; we are now almost constantly fully fitting out vans for mobile operators. Whether it is for self employed repairers or dealer groups offering the service to their customers, with something in the region of 30 million cars on the road in the UK alone, there is a great deal to go at, times that by the number of wheels per car and the scope is obvious.

Ayce will continue to be innovative, searching for new products and techniques the whole time, but never losing sight of our core business and supporting the hundreds of loyal customers we are lucky to have, some of whom have been with us throughout our 20 year journey. For that, everyone at Ayce would like to extend our sincere thanks for the last 20 years and look forward to being of service for the next 20 years.

All of our products mentioned here are available to view and purchase from our website and shop.

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