Alloy Wheel Repair with the WheelRite Pro Machine

WheelRite Pro Machine

Incorporates everything you need to repair and re-polish kerbed, scratched and corroded rims and lips on alloy wheels, or to prepare for repainting.

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Alloy Wheel Repair with the WheelRite Combi Machine

The Wheelrite Combi Machine

The WheelRite Combi incorporates everything you require to offer TWO services: Tyre replacement and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

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Alloy Wheel Smart Repairs with the Professional Alloy Wheel Straighener

Professional & Manual Alloy Wheel Straightener

Two easy to use and effective machines allow you to quickly remove flat spots and buckles in the wheel, saving the expense of replacement.

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 Guyson Wheelmaster

Wheelmaster Alloy Wheel Shotblaster

Now, alloy wheels can be prepped for repainting in as little as 2 minutes. The Wheelmaster has been specifically developed for alloy wheels. Tilting roll out rack, deeper cabinet for better visibility are just a couple of its stand out features.

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 Guyson Wheelmaster

Alloy Wheel Washer

Ideally suited to Car Dealerships, Service/ Tyre centres, Alloy wheel repairers.

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UV Curing oven for Alloy Wheels

Cure-Rite The 2 Minute Alloy Wheel UV Curing Oven

Fully cures a Solaq UV lacquer coated wheel in 2 minutes.
Workshop Oven | Mobile Oven

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The dual purpose pro spray booth

Wheelrite Pro Spray Booth

This dual purpose, innovative refinishing aid for Alloy Wheels and Smart repairs utilises the already very successful Midi Breatherite mobile filtration unit and the NEW Alloy Wheel “ROTATING” Spray Booth, this new product gives the user an additional and very flexible COMPLIANT refinishing tool.

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Help the environment with the Pro Dust Extractor from Ayce Systems

Wheelrite Pro Dust Extractor

An essential piece of equipment for the repairer with Health & Safety and the Environment uppermost in their mind, the Wheelrite Dust Extractor is a specially designed filtration unit for general dust, but more specifically for Aluminium Dust, created when grinding and polishing Alloy Wheels.

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Refurbishment of Alloy Wheels with the Aerosol Starter Kit

Alloy Wheel Refurb Aerosol Starter Kit

Designed for the occasional alloy wheel repairer, Ayce Systems has introduced a low cost aerosol starter kit for the refurbishment of minor damage to Alloy Wheels.

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Alloy Wheel Smart Repair Consumables

Alloy Wheel Professional Repair and Refinishing Consumables

Ayce Systems supply a full range of professional repair and refinish consumables specifically designed for alloy wheels.

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