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Ernst Rankhododo

Ernst Rankhododo Reviews Ayce Systems

Ernst Rankhododo of Ernst Sisli Smart Autobody Repairs visited Ayce Systems from South Africa in November 2016. He successfully completed the Paintless Dent Removal 5 day training course and the Scuffite & Bumperrite paint repair 5 day training course. See what he had to say about his whole experience with Ayce Systems:


"If you want to produce repairs that meet International standards, Ayce Systems is the best place to get your training and business start-up equipment and products.

Similarly, if you desire to produce continuous quality repairs you need training that meets International standard and also systems that are well researched and tested. The reality is that if you desire to work for a profit, you need to have a working process and tried and tested products which is what you get from Ayce Systems.

A small operator doesn't have time and resources to research and to test products so it is advisable to get training and a working relationship with an established supplier like Ayce Systems."


January 2017 Update: Ernst kindly got in touch with us again to let us know how he is getting on since returning back to South Africa:


"My company is taking shape and I have now opened my own body shop dealing exclusively with cosmetic repairs. I was a bit nervous in my first few repairs but I have since settled and produced some really quality repairs. I also managed to get registered as a supplier with a very big insurance company. Essentially the sky is the limit and I really appreciate all the assistance Ayce Systems gave to me.


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