Winter leaves workshops with outstanding alloy opportunities

The harsh winter has left many roads in a poor state of repair and the resulting potholes and road debris can play havoc with the alloy wheels now fitted to most cars. Stone chips, flat spots, buckles and weathering all take their toll and this offers a very significant business opportunity for garages and bodyshops.

Ayce Systems can provide workshops with all the equipment they need to offer a professional and highly profitable alloy wheel repair service. They can also often offer equipment on low cost finance meaning businesses can benefit from alloy repair revenue without having to worry about capital outlay.

Ayce Systems can provide everything required to take tired and damaged alloys to a perfect showroom level finish, allowing workshops to offer their customers a more economical alternative to alloy wheel replacement.

The equipment on offer includes, heavy duty wheel washers, shotblast/etching machines, easy operation machines for the repair of buckles and rim damage, systems for wheel refinishing with fume extraction and 2 minute UV cure drying technology. There is also a range of systems designed for the repair of diamond cut alloys.

Ayce Systems backs this up with a full range of wheel finish consumables and can provide comprehensive training.