Plastic & Bumper Repair

Bumperrite Textured Bumper & Trim Repair

The Bumperrite Repair System is designed for the repair of textured plastic bumpers, wing mirrors and trim.

Bumperrite System from Ayce Systems Ltd



The perfect bumper repair equipment.

Ayce Systems Bumpperrite Repair Kit

How it works

Cracks or holes can be repaired and filled using the cold plastic welding kit, and following the simple steps, the scuffed, scratched or damaged area can be easily repaired, re-textured and repainted to the highest quality standard.

Flexible system

With all the materials used in the Bumperrite system designed to be flexible, they will not crack or flake off as conventional paints will.

Variety of textures & colours

Available in Coarse, Fine and Clear textured finishes and with the Bumperrite Top Coat available in most required colours, matching up to any bumper or trim is now a quick and easy process.

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Bumperrite Top Coat Colours

Original Black




Medium Smoke


Medium Grey


Dark Grey


Honda Black


Honda Grey


Dark Smoke


Light Grey


Corsa Grey


Astra Grey


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