Alloy Wheel Repair Equipment


Over the last 20 years Ayce Systems have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of SMART (small to medium area repair techniques) and alloy wheel refurbishment repair systems, training and aftercare to the UK Automotive industry with an established pedigree that can be backed up by car manufacturers and end users. Our company is totally geared to the SMART repair industry and we are constantly researching and bringing new products to the market to improve productivity as well as to reduce the risks in the working place. All our products are compliant to European Legislation and all our customers have access to our free technical support helpline.

80% of cars now have alloy wheels and as you know, every day thousands of these wheels are incurring minor damage from kerbing, stone chipping and lacquer discolouration. This damage stands out like a sore thumb especially on polished rims. Today's car driver/dealer wants a cost effective method of repair to bring the damaged wheel(s) back to a showroom finish.

The Wheelrite family of equipment and consumables allows you to offer this service to retail customers and prestige car dealerships with a high return in profit margins. Dealerships have already proved the case with their own sales teams using outsource contractors for alloy wheel repairs. Some of our mobile customers who maximise their market are invoicing £2,500 per week. Static locations can double this figure by maximising their market and utilising 2 operators.


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