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Solaq UV Curing Products

Solaq UV lacquers and primers are cured using UVA (Ultra Violet) technology i.e. an Ultra Violet Lamp.



Ayce Systems Solaq UV Curable Lacquer Products

Automotive Industry Exclusive

The Solaq UV lacquer can be used over water based and solvent based paints and is cured in approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Once cured it can be immediately polished by hand or machine. The cured clear coat is resistant to solvents such as wheel acids and can be power washed immediately after drying.

Immediate Re-Coating

If for any reason Solaq has to be recoated with base coat (i.e. due to a colour match problem) this also can also be done immediately.

Solaq Benefits

Fully cured in 3-4 minutes using UV lamp, VOC compliant, single pack UV lacquer, Non-isocyanate, Fully tested and ISO 11341:2004 certified, Dries easily in damp or cold conditions.



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