Paint Repair

SprayMax - The Aerosol System that sprays as well as a gun!

SprayMax is a complete, balanced spray paint can assortment for fast, effective and economical paint repairs of all types. The application areas are, among other, motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, boats and marine.

The entire painting process, from cleaning, priming, base and topcoat, clear coating up to touch ups can be completely carried out using the SprayMax. SprayMax profits from its unlimited mobility and sets itself apart from conventional repair paints that are spatially ties to a spraying booth and supply lines. That lets SprayMax create completely new fields of application - far from any spraying booth.

The SprayMax spray paint can technology, manufactured by Kwasny, unifies several patented innovations and represents the state-of-the-art of what's currently feasible in spray paint technology. With this revolutionary technology, you can achieve excellent painting results, which was only possible with a spray gun up to now.

SprayMax System from Ayce Systems Ltd

Ayce Systems SprayMax Paint Repair System

A combination of propellant formula and an advanced spray head and valve technology generate a wide jet spray just like a spraygun but with less overspray


A continuous atomising pressure (until the can is completely empty) ensures distinctly higher application amounts than with a conventional spray can


Precision atomisation of the paint particles ensure uniform distribution of the coat application thickness and a fast work pace


The rotating wide-slot spray nozzle facilitates flexibily aligning the spray pattern, vertically as well as horizontally


SprayMax Features

New technology, now available to buy in the UK from Ayce Systems

All major automotive paint
brands catered for

A full paint repair system in aerosol. Preparation, Filling, Priming, Base Coats & Clear Coats

1K, 2K and now even waterbased paints can now be applied using patented aerosol technology

Product and activator in ONE can


Adjustable fan pattern aerosols


Cleanfill aerosol filling machine (no cleaning required between colour changes)



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