Alloy Wheel Repair

UV Curing Ovens for Alloy Wheel Repair

The Cure-Rite UV Curing Oven is an enclosed Ultra Violet oven with fully adjustable rotating turntable utilising our Solaq UV cured lacquers and primers.

UV Curing Ovens from Ayce Systems Ltd

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Prices start from as little as £2.87 per day*

Ayce Systems' Alloy Wheel UV Curing Ovens

Fully cures a Solaq UV lacquer coated wheel in 2 minutes.

Now painted alloy wheels can be fully cured and hardened to withstand solvents and wheel acid cleaners in a remarkable 2 minutes.

Cure with tyres on

Wheels can be cured with the tyres on, as the curing system relies on UV light as opposed to the high temperatures associated with powder coating and infra red.

Quick turnaround

The UV Curing Ovens enable an incredibly quick turnaround of repairs both increasing turnover and customer satisfaction.

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UV Curing Oven Features

Static UV curing oven for curing Solaq lacquer and primer


Compact version available for mobile vans


Computer controlled variable speed motorised turntable


Accommodates alloy wheels including tyres up to 38"


Wheels cured with tyres on


Includes 400W UV curing lamp


Can be used to cure any small car parts and accessories


Costs less than £1.00 per month to run (based on 1 hour per day)


Safety interlock on the door


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