Smart Repair Training

CNC Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair Training

This training course is ONLY available with the purchase of Ayce Systems' CNC Alloy Wheel Lathes and is not available as training only.

The Ayce Systems CNC Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair Training course is a 5 DAY course covering all aspects of repairing diamond cut alloy wheels using the Ayce Systems CNC Alloy Wheel Lathe.

The course covers setting up the machine, mounting alloy wheels, setting up and running the probe program, optimising the wheel profile using specialist software, cutting the diamond cut alloy wheels and also includes a full assessment.

5 Day Training Schedule

Introduction & Machine Setup

Inserting tool & probe holders, connecting a probe & learning how to offset the tool & probe

Wheel Setup & Probe Introduction

Mounting wheel in machine, checking wheel and learning how to probe the wheel

Probe Profile & Optmising

Checking probe profie, optimising profile using specialist software

Cutting Wheels

Checking cutting positions from optimised profile and cutting wheels

Practice & Assessment

Repeating processes on different wheels and full inhouse assessment

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